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Marzocchi Pompe S.p.A. was founded in Italy in 1961 and is still in the hands of the Marzocchi family. The company designs and manufactures high performance external gear pumps and motors.

Marzocchi Pompe (Marzocchi Pumps) specialises in micro hydraulics, but also offer an extended range of product options covering displacement, flanges, shafts and porting. Their catalogue of goods are optimised for high performance applications.

The family business is still run by the son of one of the founders, and their honest, traditional and reliable ethos remains at the heart of the company. All products are manufactured in the heart of Italy, with a focus on ‘quality and excellence’.

The Marzocchi hydraulics pump and motor range includes:

  • 0.25 – 0.5 Series Micro Gear Pumps | An extensive range of high performance pumps often integrated in to micro power packs and ideal for a wide variety of applications.
  • 1P Series Gear Pumps | Offering consistently high performance and reliability, these Marzocchi hydraulic pumps are often considered a benchmark for the hydraulic power pack market.
  • ALP Series Gear Pumps | A range of mono-directional and reversible pumps with displacements up to 200 cc/rev, in a full aluminium configuration, able to withstand medium to high pressures and using different versions of flanges, porting and shafts.
  • GHP Series Gear Pumps | The GHP series offer identical configurations to the ALP series and guarantees extreme reliability in very high pressure applications. These Marzocchi pumps are ideal for a wide variety of mobile applications as their cast iron allows more flange, cover and port options.
  • ALP / GHP Series Multiple Modular Gear Pumps | These modular, flexible pumps can be combined to create solutions for a wide range of application requirements.
  • ALM Series Gear Motors | Suitable for medium- and high- pressure mobile and industrial applications, these mono-directional and bi-directional units are available with internal or external drain.
  • GHM Series Gear Motors | Marzocchi GHM series motors are identical to the ALM series but are more robust units given their cast iron front flange and rear cover.
  • HL (High/Low) Series 2-Pass Gear Pumps | Low noise pumps that are suited to applications needing a fast approach and/or return of the actuator at low loads and slow motion of the actuator at high loads.
  • ALPC / GHPC Series Short Multiple Gear Pumps | These units have a reduced axial layout and are available with aluminium or cast iron flanges and covers.
  • ELIKA | Low noise, low pulsation helical gear pumps available in Group 2, 3 and 4 multiple units.

Please contact us for further technical guidance or if you cannot see the Marzocchi hydraulic equipment that you need listed below – we’ll be happy to help!

Marzocchi Pompe Product Range


Marzocchi 0.25 & 0.5 Micro Gear Pumps

Marzocchi 0.25 and 0.5 micro aluminium gear pumps only differ by their tooth profiles. Their very high performance when integrated…


Marzocchi 1HL 2HL 1PHL High-Low Multiple Gear Pumps

Marzocchi 1HL, 2HL and 1PHL multiple gear pumps are ideal for applications needing a fast approach and/or return of the…


Marzocchi 1P and K1P Series Gear Pumps

Marzocchi 1P and K1P series pumps are aluminium external gear pumps consisting of a gear pair supported by two aluminium…

Marzocchi ALM motor

Marzocchi ALM Series Gear Motors

For medium to high pressure rates, Marzocchi ALM series motors are ideal for mobile and industrial applications. Mono-directional and bi-directional…

Marzocchi ALP GHP

Marzocchi ALP / GHP Series Modular Gear Pumps

Marzocchi ALP and GHP series pumps are multiple modular gear pumps. These gear pumps consist of a pair of gears…


Marzocchi ALP Series Gear Pumps

Marzocchi ALP series gear pumps have a full aluminium configuration. They are able to withstand medium to high pressures and…

Marzocchi ALPC GHPC

Marzocchi ALPC / GHPC Short Multi Gear Pumps

Marzocchi ALPC / GHPC pumps are a special type of two-stage and three-stage multiple pump with reduced axial length. ALPC1…


Marzocchi ELI2 ELI3 ELI4 ELIKA Gear Pumps

Marzocchi ELI2, ELI3 and ELI4 ELIKA series pumps are low noise, low pulsation, high efficiency helical gear pumps. The helical…

Marzocchi GHM Motor

Marzocchi GHM Series Gear Motors

The GHM series offers identical configurations to the ALM series but is a more robust motor thanks to the cast…

Marzocchi GHP pump

Marzocchi GHP Series Gear Pumps

The Marzocchi GHP series offers identical configurations to the ALP series and guarantees extreme reliability in very high pressure applications.…


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