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MP Filtri’s next-generation LPA3 portable particle counter is now available!

State-of-the-art light-sensor technology

The MP Filtri LPA3 features advanced optical and photodiode technology. Moreover it utilises an innovative precision collimated light source using current confined infrared LED to provide complete 8-channel measurement. Accuracy to ± 1/2 code for 4, 6, 14μm(c).

The LPA3 is calibrated in accordance with the ISO standards for calibration of liquid particle counters. This means that it utilises methods from ISO 11171:2010 on test equipment certified to ISO 11943 by I.F.T.S. (Institut de la Filtration et des Techniques Séparatives)

The MP Filtri LPA3 comes with touch-screen technology

The centrepiece of the new LPA3 is its new 10.1” (25.7 cm) full-colour touch-screen display with QWERTY keyboard.

Its capacitive screen responds instantly to light fingertip touches for a reliable and responsive performance with no need for a stylus. It is also highly durable and delivers a sharp high-resolution image on its 1024 x 600m display.

A fully customisable home screen interface enables operators to tailor the display to show the precise information they need at-a-glance. It also comes with multi-lingual support and regional options such as imperial/metric conversion.

MP Filtri LPA3 Touch screen

High-speed sampling

The MP Filtri LPA3 features a revised and upgraded lightweight motor and gearbox and a new larger volume piston pump, which enable samples to be performed quickly and easily. The unit is now capable of completing the 100 ml sample test in around one minute. This is up to 15 times quicker* than its predecessor, the LPA2  (*viscosity dependent).

The unit can handle sample volumes of up to 100 ml, with operators able to customise testing by choosing between a variety of sample volumes (in 25 ml intervals up to 100 ml); flush sizes; and the number of tests run concurrently.

The new machine also offers a greater storage capacity with results from up to 4000 tests retained in memory. Instant results can be downloaded via the USB portals – either direct to USB or to PC software.

Furthermore, a separate removeable Moisture Sensor makes replacement easier at service centres without the need to recalibrate the product.


The LPA3 can be fitted with an optional in-built pressure transducer. This enables operators to measure and record the live pressure system of the point at which the sample is taken. Subsequently this eliminates erroneous readings due to insufficient inlet pressure.

The valve can be switched between bar and psi dependent on operator preference and the regional location of the unit.

The MP Filtri LPA3 is easy to master

Designed for ease of use, the LPA3 enables first time operators to get up and running in minutes – without the need for a dedicated training programme.

With software developed in-house specifically for the LPA3 for maximum effectiveness – the machine can offer sophisticated functionality while remaining surprisingly simple to operate.

The machine boasts a smooth learning curve that can be mastered quickly without the need for a formal course. This saves customer’s time and money in training costs.

Proactive maintenance technology

The LPA3 provides customers with online real-time monitoring. It moreover, delivers a precise and instant assessment of system contamination as well as trend analysis. Its proactive maintenance technology identifies risks before they impact performance.

In conclusion, the machine enhances the reliability and longevity of complex hydraulic systems and is ideal for systems quality control in in-house manufacturing applications.

Perfect portability

Designed for the field, the LPA3 is robust and light – weighing in at just 10 kg. A tough and durable co-polymer case protects it from damage – with an IP rating of 66 with the lid closed.

The MP Filtri LPA3’s ergonomic space-efficient design enables operators to work effectively in a wide variety of sectors and conditions – without having to make sacrifices on functionality.

A new long-life lithium ion battery ensures the LPA3 can carry out an average of 500 continuous tests between charges in normal working conditions. The unit is also Air Travel Approved (UN38.1).

MP Filtri LPA3 closed

Compatible with all key industry standards

Designed for professionals, the new LPA3 features a comprehensive range of reporting formats, so wherever an operator is working and whatever standards used, the LPA3 has it covered. Reporting standards include: ISO 4406; NAS 1638; AS4059 (various); GBT14039; GJB420B and more.

Once a test is carried out in one reporting format – results are instantly available via a simple on-screen key press in alternative formats with no need to re-test.

Summary of the MP Filtri LPA3 key features and benefits

  • A programmable 10.1” (7 cm) full colour touch-screen display;
  • High-speed sample times up to 15 times faster than the LPA2;
  • Perfectly portable weighing in at just 10 kg;
  • Greater storage capacity -results from up to 4000 tests retained in memory;
  • Robust and durable co-polymer body case;
  • Sophisticated yet simple to use software developed in-house specifically for the LPA3;
  • Smooth learning curve – the LPA3 can be mastered quickly without the need for formal training;
  • Instant results download via USB;
  • Proactive maintenance technology – identifying risks before they impact performance;
  • Online real-time monitoring;
  • Long-life lithium ion battery;
  • Optional thermal printer for an instant hard copy of results;
  • Slashes costs and downtime, protects machinery and rapidly pays for itself;
  • Accuracy to ± 1/2 code for 4, 6, 14μm(c);
  • Compatible with MP Filtri’s range of bottle samplers.

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