Eaton Vickers SystemStak Valves


Eaton Vickers SystemStak is a revolutionary, compact system for sandwich-mounting modular valves between a directional control valve and a standard mounting surface. SystemStak gives you a full range of complementary pressure, flow and check valve functions, while saving space, reducing installation costs and increasing efficiency in hydraulic systems.

Each valve stack can be configured to provide the specific combination of functions required to meet the system’s needs. Available functions include: relief, reducing, sequencing, check, PO check, throttle and counterbalance.

Key features of Eaton Vickers SystemStak valves include:

  • Rated pressure up to 315 bar (4500 psi);
  • Rated flow up to 340 litres / minute;
  • Sizes from NG 4 to NG 25 (D02 to D08);
  • Compact size retains space and enhances system design flexibility;
  • Cheaper installation costs and helps cost-effectiveness during operation;
  • Removes external leakage and improves resistance to contamination for increased overall reliability;
  • Easy access for service and maintenance.

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